This crosschain NFT is going viral

Plus, a drop 40 years in the making


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Noble Gallery Season 2 Finale

Links for the Top 25 drops are HERE.

This crosschain NFT is going viral

Two weeks ago, Bjørn Staal sent out a tweet that simply said:

It went viral. 

Then people begged him for the code behind the art. 

So he open-sourced some of it. 

But they pushed for more. 

He said chill guys, it’s not that easy – some of it is intertwined with my own proprietary artistic material. 

They pushed again, even in DMs. 

bro can u send me the codes of your most rwecent code

Who could deny such a request? 

So Bjørn went to a printer, printed out the minified javascript used for the video, signed it, and minted it as an NFT titled:

bro here are the codes

It sold for 0.4 ETH, with all proceeds going to three.js.

He’s a novel artist and a troll? 

You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention.

So I went down a rabbit hole to learn more about this Entangled, which included an interview Bjørn recently did on the Arbitrarily Deterministic Podcast, where he gave more info on the drop. 

Here’s the TLDW: 

  1. This is an fxhash 2.0 drop (which is itself delayed until Dec 14)

  2. It will mint on both Ethereum and Tezos

  3. The video from the tweet is a WIP of the art

  4. The NFTs will be able to “pair up”, which leads to some magic

I need to expand a bit on point 4. 

Each NFT is randomly (but deterministically) paired with another NFT in the collection, likely from the opposing chain. 

Without pairing up, the art simply exists in a single browser window. 

But when you open two browsers with NFTs that are paired with each other, they will connect and become “entangled” – a process using window.getScreenDetails() and localStorage. 

This creates an incentive for owning an entangled pair, which could lead to some scavenger hunts on secondary. 

Overall, very cool.

Still waiting on price, supply, date (pretty much everything) – but I think it’s worth keeping an eye on.

NOTE: These drops are lightly curated. Our only requirement is that they have recognizable founders. As usual, DYOR. To learn more go here.

Fido Dido Genesis Cards

Remember that weird cartoon that would play when you popped in your precious VHS tape of the Digimon movie circa 2001? No? Just me?

That was Angela Anaconda, a standalone show that ran around that time. One of its co-creators, Joanna Ferrone, is now launching an NFT of another character she co-created, Fido Dido.

A nearly 40-year-old character, Fido’s been through a lot, and now he’s coming onchain via 777 auctioned pieces at a starting price of free.

However, bids are gated to whitelisted addresses (already closed).

monobloc by Javier Tomeo

Just when I thought I was done with NFT chairs, they pull me right back in.

Unlike that previous Luke Shannon collection, this upcoming 30-supply release by Javier Tomeo is digital-only (for now at least, never say never) but still on-chain.

It’s inspired by the world’s most common plastic chair (often seen in Southeast Asia or at a hearty BBQ) and the work of legendary artist Matisse.

One for those who pulled this pro gamer move in days of old.


Pseudonymous glitch artist KING XEROX is back for his sixth Nifty Gateway release with REVOLUTION.

Combining New York and crypto-native themes, the work comprises two limited editions:

  1. REVOLUTION: a 24-hour ranked auction of 7 pieces

  2. AWAKEN: a 20-supply free mint raffled off to holders of the artist’s previous Nifty Gateway releases


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