This NFT looks comfy

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Listen, you need to be gen-art maxxing.

You need to be turning everything into a 1/1.

You need to be minting your next chair and getting tattoos made by a smart contract.

You need to let everyone know that you bought your clothes onchain.

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Links for the Top 25 drops are HERE.

This NFT looks comfy

We spoke earlier about the coming wave of networked goods, and today we have a perfect example using perhaps the defining hallmark of Crypto Bro Couture: the hoodie. 

(fanny packs are a close second)

mmERCH - DROP 1 

  • Mint date: March 

  • Supply: 960

  • Price: TBD

  • Link 

mmERCH is a new “non-fungible fashion” company partnering with artists to small batch everything using NFTs. 

How it works: 

  1. Drops come with unique art NFTs made by a select artist 

  2. The art is algo generated – meaning it’s a collection of 1/1s

  3. These NFTs have physical twins that you can claim

  4. Those physicals can be hoodies, sneakers, chairs, bags, etc. 

The upcoming genesis drop consists of 960 hoodie-NFTs made in partnership with comic book illustrator Gilbert Hernandez. 

NFTs are split into 48 hand-drawn characters, each wearing a 1/1 hoodie that materializes as a physical in either French Terry or Cashmere. 

As you can see above, each hoodie includes a series of trait slots, ranging from the pocket to the sleeves, with some traits being rarer than others by design.

Of course, this adds a bit of speculation – the blind reveal means some will end up being more desirable than others, although good luck trying to predict what Ye Olde Degen’s fashion taste looks like. 

Hoodies also come with NFC chips that can be used later to claim POAPs or unlock more utility onchain, which, if I were to guess, would include some preferential access to future drops. 

Bottom line 

Still waiting on price to determine whether it's in the Top 25, but this quote from a recent Vogue interview with founder Colby Mugrabi gives us a clue:

“I would rather mint out at a lower price and get people to redeem their physicals than sacrificing the potential success of the project by going to market with too high of a price.”

NOTE: These drops are lightly curated. Our only requirement is that they have recognizable founders. As usual, DYOR. To learn more go here.

Temporals by Extropy

Pseudonymous long-time NFT curator Plutonium Fitzgerald and partner Krishna Parekh are going all-in on their own indie studio, Extropy, debuting their genesis mint, Temporals.

Mimicking human memory, AI renditions of real-life scenes slowly morph over 512 days at random, becoming hazier, glitchier, and sometimes even changing the initial palette and mood. Plutonium explains it in more detail here.

Temporals play around with my favorite type of NFT mechanic and tap into one of the strongest human emotions, nostalgia, so I’ve…

Added to Top 25

The Kids of Wakita by Ethereal Gwirl

A Tim Burton-esque collection takes over Fellowship’s AI art program with Ethereal Gwirl’s The Kids of Wakita.

It’s a collection of black-and-white videos that take you on a bizarre, trippy, and frankly creepy journey into the land of Wakita, where only doll-like children reside alongside a set of fantastical creatures.

The idea feels well-executed, and it’s a unique style not often seen in this genre.

The rise and fall by diewiththemostlikes, Luis Ponce & Xer0x

A heavyweight collaboration more than a year in the making is finally releasing with the rise and fall, a piece about overconsumption by diewiththemostlikes, Luis Ponce and Xer0x.

It’s not an alliance one would predict given their contrasting styles, but somehow they pull the best out of each other, seamlessly mixing DWTML’s grotesque satirical characters with Ponce’s smooth animation work and Xer0x’s aesthetic lighting.

Added to Top 25


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