Let the Runes show begin

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Let the Runes show begin


Casey Rodarmor posted a video yesterday with a big update on the upcoming Runes launch and some alpha which we’ll discuss below. 

First, here’s a quick TLDR to catch up on Runes, which we also covered here

  • Runes are a protocol for “shitcoins on Bitcoin” 

  • Made by the guy who created Ordinals

  • They’re launching in April 

  • They’re technically better than existing shitcoins (BRC-20) 

  • And Casey said he’d release the first 10 Runes himself (more below) 

Our take 

There’s currently a video on YouTube showing a mad scientist in a Viksø Viking helmet announcing a new class of magical digital objects that, in time, might draw hundreds of millions of capital (or more). 

And…it has less than 1,000 views! 

Watching Casey Rodarmor explain the upcoming Runes launch is giving “Victor Timely presenting a time machine in front of a Gilded Age audience” vibes. 

It’s akin to someone cutting the ribbon in front of a newly developed portal into a never-before-seen shadow realm, but with more dick jokes.

Both historically significant and hilarious. 

And while I recommend watching the video for the full technical explanation behind Runes, today I want to highlight the bit of alpha he gave at the end of the video. 

The very first Runes 

It turns out that Runes will have a numbered order to them, much like inscriptions do. 

In other words, you’ll have Rune #0, Rune #1, and so on. 

And for Casey, this presented a problem. 

Because now that everyone knows that a handful of extremely valuable objects are about to come into existence, the only logical conclusion is that this will result in an unprecedented free-for-all to claim them. 

In a worst-case scenario you could imagine a cabal of VCs or botters cornering those first mints with heavy pre-allocations for insiders, thus enriching themselves while bringing a bad taste to the whole Runes project straight from day 1. 

And so, to avoid this, Casey plans to hardcode-mint the first 10 Runes himself (Runes 0-9), before deploying them through public mints without any pre-allocation whatsoever. 

These 10 Runes will each have their own lore, creative name, and other unique characteristics – with some having a lower supply than others, or some being divisible while others aren’t.

It’s the closest thing crypto has seen to a Forging of The Great Rings and the kind of thing that makes me truly love how weird this space can be. 

NOTE: These drops are lightly curated. Our only requirement is that they have recognizable founders. As usual, DYOR. To learn more go here.

RG Bytes

Revolving Games is the studio behind Skyborne Legacy, a cozy social game currently in early access beta which minted out its genesis collections for free last year.

Now, the studio is launching RG Bytes, a set of loyalty reward cards for their biggest fans (gamers and non-gamers alike), with promises of exclusive in-game content, NFT partnerships, and real-life rewards (more in this thread).

I’m still waiting on price and supply details, but this studio is backed by some of the biggest names in the space, and I could see them executing well on this.

Added to Top 25


Persona is an upcoming anime-styled PFP avatar created by Unagi, a Paris-based web3 game company founded in 2021 that also created the fantasy sports game Ultimate Champions (funded by Binance in late 2022).

Although supply and pricing details are currently unknown, the care put into the website and art reveal is noteworthy. Plus, it promises benefits in Unagi’s games, including its upcoming fungible token.

At the end of the day, this is technically your quarterly hyped anime PFP that might inevitably fall short of the Azuki-like expectations the market has for all anime projects post-2022.

But I might just be ready to get hurt again, baby (depending on the mint details).

Added to Top 25

Palio Aura

The next flagship product from Xterio following the success of OVERWORLD’s mint might be here, in Palio.

Leaning into AI, the NFTs offer digital companions custom-designed by each holder. They’ll feature something called an “emotion engine” that’s meant to breathe life into NPCs, with promises of future Xterio-backed experiences.

Details are incredibly scant around all this, but it sounds interesting and the team is saying it’ll be an affordable mint, so I’ve tentatively…

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