A legend returns

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A legend returns

The word OG doesn’t go far enough to describe the Rare Pepe collection from 2016. 

They’re closer to fossils from crypto’s Triassic era.

Watching scenes from those early days (like in the Feels Good Man documentary) can feel akin to looking over ancient cousins as they construct the first wheelbarrows in dimly-lit caverns. 

Future NFT archeologists will look kindly upon these objects, which will surely get more mythologized with the passage of time. 

And yet, O Dearly Beloved, despite how old these might feel, it’s worth noting that these OG creators still walk among us. 

You can find them memeposting on Twitter, joining spaces, and in some cases still releasing digital artifacts. 

For example, like today. 


Rare Scrilla was one of the first Rare Pepe artists when the collection kicked off on Bitcoin 8 years ago. 

His art is recognizable for its references to golden era hip hop and sneaker culture, which comes from his own IRL career as a music producer. 

His Pepes are also personal favorites of mine, and I felt compelled to pick up this shiny 2016 relic a while back: 

So it warmed my heart to see him embrace Ordinals early on when he inscribed an entire album onchain called Sound Money (the first music inscriptions ever). 

And now, we have word of his latest collection… 


This is a collection of 100 hand-drawn PFPs and other crypto-inspired memes. The art is classic Rare Scrilla (the word dank comes to mind) and carries plenty of those heavy pop-culture references that you’d expect. 

It also looks like this could be the first drop released under Bitgod’s Bitcoin Art House studio, although they haven’t announced it officially yet. 

Bottom line

One for those who appreciate classic meme-art made by one of the first NFT artists ever. 

Still waiting on price and date, but I’ve…

Added to Top 25 

NOTE: These drops are lightly curated. Our only requirement is that they have recognizable founders. As usual, DYOR. To learn more go here.

The Court by La Delmas

Floor’s ICONS is back with their first drop in Series 2, The Court, a renaissance-inspired piece by Argentine illustrator La Delmas, exclusively available on the Floor mobile app.

Series 2 comes three months after the end of the genesis series and makes the drops even more accessible than before. They’re all free + a small fee, 48-hour open editions that are available on Thursdays at 1 PM ET.

It’s free real state.

Elapsed by Pawel Dudko

A new challenger approaches the Ordinals art scene with the inauguration of Function Gallery, a curated crypto and generative art house by radarboy3000, a.k.a. George Galanakis, a South African creator with years of experience in crypto and advertising.

And Elapsed, by Polish artist Pawel Dudko, will be the platform’s genesis collection, a dynamic, light-fueled exploration of the Bitcoin chain where shimmers dance to the mining of new blocks.

With the ordinals scene still ripe for new art platforms, this debut from Function seems interesting enough to me.

Added to Top 25

Doodles x G-SHOCK

Soon you’ll be able to (pass)tell time in some Doodles gear thanks to this upcoming G-SHOCK collab.

The main offering includes a limited edition physical watch and a matching NFT, the latter probably being minted on Ethereum to then be redeemed for a digital wearable on the Flow blockchain.

Doodles’s distinctive color palette can be divisive, but those who already like it should be quite fond of this collab.


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