A free Bitcoin drop that no one asked for

Plus, MoMA/Met artist dropping soon


The market will keep running until my bagel guy starts asking me what NFTs he should buy. He's my Punxsutawney Phil.


Seven by RedruM

Links for the Top 25 drops are HERE.

Broken Printer by Tabor Robak

  • Mint date: April 4

  • Supply: TBD

  • Mint price: TBD

  • Chain: Ethereum

  • Link: verse

Big fan of this one. There’s only a small number of sneak peeks so far, but they all look really compelling to me (twas hard choosing one for the header image above). 

Before Tabor made appearances at MoMA and The Met, he used to work in a copy shop. Now he’s going down memory lane to give us a pastiche of historical printing techniques including letterpress, screen printing, CMYK halftone, inkjets, and laser printers. 

The result is complete visual overload, with layers of graffiti stacked on top of photographs stacked on top of vivid patterns and commercialized graphics. 

It’s called Broken Printer because the procedural generation comes with the kind of imperfections that were common in 90s-2000s printers, subverting the polish of pixel-perfect advertisements we see today.  


  • Mint date: Feb 29

  • Supply: 10,000

  • Mint price: free in phase 1, 0.0002 BTC if it goes phase 2

  • Chain: Bitcoin

  • Link: @MKUltraBTC

I imagine the thought process goes like: 

Wow – ordinals are sure popping off right now. 

I should do a derivative drop. 

Bitcoin Puppets is pretty sick, hmm but so is Ordinal Maxi Biz. Hold up. 


This is the latest in a long line of mash-up crypto meme derivatives that can only be described as masterworks.

Like who can forget Rare Apepes? Or Creature Toadz? Or Noun Punks? Or Dicklebutts? I mean this thing is standing on the shoulders of giants. 

Are PuppetMaxis going to be a generational store of value? Absolutely not. 

Are they super low-stakes, fun meme objects, with decent art, at an “affordable” price (free mint for OMB/Puppet holders but you have to pay Bitcoin inscription fees which could be hundreds of dollars).


Will you regret having bought one a year from now when you see it creeping back at you in your wallet?

Probably also yes, but that’s a problem for future you. 

Pioneers by Bryan Brinkman

  • Mint date: Today

  • Supply: 100

  • Mint price: 0.05 ETH

  • Chain: Ethereum

  • Link: @bryanbrinkman

Acclaimed web3 artist Bryan Brinkman takes us on a trip down CryptoArt memory lane in this set of limited editions releasing today as part of MORROW Collective’s {R(Evolutionaries);} exhibition.

The pieces showcase animated silhouettes that pay homage to iconic projects that helped shape the non-fungible scene, like CryptoPunks and Rare Pepes, all in the artist’s recognizable color palette.

Never a bad time to pay your respects to the greats.

ClickCreate SubPass - Season Two

  • Mint date: 2/26 - 3/5

  • Supply: 7-day open edition

  • Mint price: 0.25 ETH

  • Chain: Ethereum

  • Link: @clickcreateio

The ClickCreate art gallery just launched its Season Two pass yesterday, which promises guaranteed entry to their upcoming curated art drops.

This is a platform that housed some of the space’s most influential artists as its curators last year and will most likely do something similar in 2024, so if you’re someone who trusts artists’ eyes above all else, it might be worth a look.

You can check out the Season One works here to see if it gets your clicks off.

buso by Patakk

  • Mint date: 2/29

  • Supply: 1,000

  • Mint price: Free

  • Chain: Ethereum

  • Link: @patakk

Following its Ethereum integration last December, fxhash is now embracing the low-fee L2 side of things with a Base integration, which launches with buso, a free mint by creative coder Patakk.

It’s a chaotic exploration of shapes and colors, and they’re going old school with a free-for-all mint, which as some of you may know means you'll need to be amongst the fastest trigger fingers in the West to beat out the bots

A low-cost entry for those who believe in L2 generative art.


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