Bitcoin’s top artist has a new drop

Plus, Daft Punk in the Victorian Age


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Bitcoin’s top artist has a new drop

You would think selling $13 million worth of digital cats would warrant a bit of rest and relaxation. 

Maybe a nice aged bottle of Cabernet, enjoyed in a remote sunny location on the coast of Dubrovnik, miles away from the closest Vision Pro-wearing yuppie.

But apparently not for 0xfar, who continues on his quest toward onchain immortality with yet another upcoming drop.

0xfar is best known as the artist behind Taproot Wizards and Quantum Cats, and recently hit a high note when a single cat sold for $250,000 during a Sotheby’s auction, making it one of the most expensive Ordinals ever.  

This time he’s releasing Flares, a new generative art project on Bitcoin. 

Here’s what we know

1. What it’ll look like

Before Cats and Wizards, 0xfar was best known for animating abstract waves with liquid-plasma textures, as seen in his last solo Ordinals collection Adorable Flux

And now he’s going back to his roots. Flares are made up of shifting landscapes with glitchy colorful patterns that remind me of those grainy images that telescopes sometimes yield when they’re being stretched a little too far. 

2. How many there will be


3. What it’ll do (sort of)

0xfar says he’s “using Bitcoin as inputs to change the artwork into eternity”, which is a recurring theme in his work. 

In this case, there could be a storytelling element to it, as he’s referring to these Inscriptions almost as actual pieces of land that can be terraformed with time. 

What might this look like? Previously he used the blockchain’s block height as a seed to change his art with every new block. And Quantum Cats is also popularizing a new form of dynamic Evolving Inscriptions which could play a role. 

Bottom line

So there are some hints, but in general, it’s still a mystery, and in a recent video he admitted that “maybe there’s some surprise about it”. 

Still waiting to hear about price and mint structure, but I’ve…

Added to Top 25 

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Cyber Sea by Hiroji Kotegawa

Another artist known for their Ethereum work will make their debut on Bitcoin as Hiroji Kotegawa, a Tokyo-based NFT creator active since late 2021, gears up for Cyber Sea.

An endlessly interactive generative piece, this animated edition features dotted landscapes that ebb and flow in various speeds and colors, creating a brand new landscape with each click.

It reminds me of that pinscreen toy we had as kids, but cooler.

For lore enthusiasts, the artwork’s title fittingly calls back to Kotegawa’s Ethereum debut Cyber Atoms.

Lux Perpetua by Vikki Bardot

The cross-chain callbacks don’t stop, as we have AI artist Vikki Bardot dropping Lux Perpetua, a Solana evolution of 2022’s Lux Æterna on Ethereum.

This post-photography collection mixes the old and the new, featuring subjects in Victorian Age fashion while masked in futuristic Daft Punk helmets.

The high supply and framing of these pieces make them double as PFPs, perhaps a growing trend on Solana following the success of Roope Rainisto’s Smile last month.

0N1 F4LL3N

One of the greatest NFT hits of the 2021 WAGMI era, but also one of its biggest flops, 0N1 Force has seen its fair share of ups and downs.

Now, following a change of ownership in 2023, the project is looking to fulfill its initial promise of multimedia storytelling, which began with some comics and gaming events last year.

Next up is the F4LL3N collection on Ordinals, a set of front-facing zombified 0N1 PFPs that expands the brand’s lore multichain and promises holders involvement in its future multimedia endeavors, although details on the latter are still limited.

For left and front-facing anime believers.


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